Customizable Actions

jitouch preference pane

jitouch lets you customize actions associated with each gesture as you want, whether you'd like to enable, disable, add, edit, or remove gestures, or set different actions for each application. All of these can be done through jitouch Preference Pane which is seamlessly integrated with the OS.

The built-in gesture animations also help you quickly understand how to use each gesture in a glance.

Character Gestures

Character Gestures let you draw an English letter or a simpler gesture to perform any particular action. The new Maximize function will let you go fullscreen with any windows on your Mac. Maximize Left and Right is a handy companion for those having multiple monitors

Changing Spaces

Changing to a neighboring space without using keyboard shortcuts is now possible. You can perform this gesture while you click on the title bar of a window to move the window to a different space.

Ideal Gestures for Web Surfers

These are the four primary commands used in today's modern tabbed-browsers. With Apple's Magic Mouse and jitouch, you will be able to achieve the fastest speed and minimum finger movement to surf to net.

These new gestures in jitouch are thoughtfully designed to match the traditional mouse usage as well as increase your productivity. When using jitouch in web browsers, your middle finger can always stay stationary while your index finger can perform any gestures just enough to do any action you need.

Open Link
in New Tab
Next Tab Previous Tab Close Tab Refresh

Quick Tab Switching for Safari

A new slick way to select tab and browse through tabs

In addition to Next / Previous Tab gesture, you can also easily select any tab above the mouse cursor by using "Select Tab Above Cursor" gesture. "Quick Tab Switching" gesture is designed to be used with Close or Refresh gesture to close or refresh multiple tabs.

Select Tab
Above Cursor
Quick Tab Switching

More gestures for Magic Mouse

We bring most of the features from Trackpad to Magic Mouse such as Zooming, Minimizing, Opening Exposé, Showing Desktop, Moving / Resizing, and Changing Spaces.

Gestures in the video are just a few examples.

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